Tremendous Capacitor-lithium Battery Output Glove Box Oven Built-in Machine

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one. After all the supplies have been transferred to the glove box, close the door with the glove box, open up the outer doorway, and reload the materials for the next change of the product oven and the unique method. The creation line does not have to have to be related with several ovens, and it can bake just one change or many shift elements at a time, saving production time, reducing creation back links, and staying away from secondary air pollution in other procedure solutions. The merchandise good quality is ensured, innovative technologies glovebox and the use of the manipulator will save a great deal of labor and realizes automated creation.

two. The oven is geared up with a person or much more shifts of generation materials at a time, and is baked and dehydrated

3. Computerized substance transfer in the oven

4. Soon after the oven content baking process is accomplished, it is transferred to the glove box cooling region for cooling at a time

5. Following the cooling is done, the substance is taken by the automated feeding robotic and transferred to the processes of liquid injection, soaking, standing, sealing, and so forth. These procedures are computerized manufacturing procedures

six. After the over operation is finished, exit the warehouse by means of a large warehouse